Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So Sage!

I love my little man! He keeps our days interesting around here!

Say cheese! It's picture day!

Taylie on school picture day!
Practicing her smile! Cheese!

Friday, May 15, 2009

EdVenture with Grandma Ellie and Big Tease!

This is Ed from EdVenture! He is really quite cool! You can go inside of him on the back side and go from top to bottom to see how the body works. Starting in the brain to the eyes, ears and mouth then it takes you to the heart, lungs and digestive system, When you are done you go down a slide which acts as part of the digestive system and makes a farting noise when you go through it.
Sage was a bit scared to sit on this for some reason!

Grocery shopping

Of course you would pick the popsicles!

Checking out!

Sage loved this tractor! It was one of the first things that we had done and he kept asking to go back all day long

Gathering eggs from the chickens!

Picking peaches off the trees!

Both kids were afraid to milk the cow until Grandma showed them and then sat with them while they were doing it!

Where's the fire?

Going down the fire pole!

Beep, beep, vroom, vroom!

Time to fill up! At least it was free!

Sage tinkering! He loves things like this

Taylie ice fishing!


Taylie throwing snow balls at the hole in the tree! There was a little boy that had been trying for awhile and when we came in she made it on her first shot. I think it upset him?

Playing hockey against each other!

Building an igloo!

All girl! She made us all cup cakes in the kitchen!

Playing dentist!

A very large Operation game!

This image was on a big screen TV that they are facing! They were playing with a band! They loved it!

Sage cheating at golf! Suppose it is time we teach him to play!

Sage tinkering! He would put a block in, roll the wheel to send it to the top then watch it as it fell down several ramps back to the floor!

Princess attacking Taylie's "other" kitty!

This is for the Herr family! This is the cat that you guys bought Taylie a few years back. It has become Princess' enemy! She attacks and beats it up. She even smells it like it is another real cat. hahaha!

Our trips to the ER!

On Christmas Eve we went out to dinner and as we were pulling into the parking lot Taylie said "Did you hear that?" None of us couldn't figure out what she was talking about but would soon find out that it was her ear popping. We got seated and had just ordered our dinner when she begin to cry about her ear. After a very akward dinner we decided that we would take her to an InstaCare however none were open so we ended up going to the ER. Turns out she had a pretty bad ear infection as well as a virus. We were really glad that we had taken her cause Christmas wouldn't have been as fun with having to deal with the pain she was in.
Well within a few days we ended up going to the InstaCare with Sage. He had the same virus but no ear infection! Two days later we went to take him back to the InstaCare but ended up in the ER (due to the InstaCare claiming that we would have to pay a $150 deductable even though we knew we shouldn't have to) with him as well. He ended up with a really bad case of pink eye in both eyes and couldn't even open them.
This made for a very interesting Christmas and New Years. Although all four of us ended up really sick there was good new...Taylie didn't have to miss school and Aaron work! Not really how we wanted to spend our Christmas break though!

Christmas 2008

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree
Our very abundant Christmas! Thank you!
Taylie had gone to the Emergency Room earlier on Christmas Eve however one is never too sick to open a present! Sleep on the other hand...

Taylie excited about her Barbies and Camera that she got from Santa

Sage LOVES his train that he got from Santa!

Taylie's school had a place to buy presents for the family! I sent her with $5 to buy a gift for Sage. She was so excited to give him what she got! I had to laugh though cause she ended up spending $4 on herself and $1 on him...it's the thought that counts right!
Taylie took pictures of EVERYTHING with her new camera!

Aaron's work Christmas Party!

Aaron's work Christmas

Taylie accepting her gift from Santa Clause!

Sage on the other hand needed a little push!

"The bouncy thing!"

It was hard to get them away from this long enough to do anything!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Our New Kitty!

Taylie has been wanting a kitty since we lived in Layton! We ended up promising her one when we moved to where ever Aaron was assigned! She had only been in South Carolina 10 days when we found Princes!
We decided the Friday following Thanksgiving to see if we could find an adoption center located in Columbia that had a picture of an orange kitty, which is what Taylie said she wanted! When we arrived we found out that this orange kitty named Butter was still to small to adopt. They were willing to put our name on a waiting list and call us once it was big enough if we were interested. We decided that is what we would do but to make our hour long drive worth it we went in to see the cats that were available for adoption. When we went in this kitten named Stuffing immediately cuddled up with Taylie and allowed her to sit and hold her. When Taylie got up to see another kitten Stuffing followed Taylie. After holding and playing with her Taylie decided that she wanted this kitty!
Stuffing and another kitten were found at only a few weeks old without a mother and nursed back to health until they were ready to adopt!
Long story short we ended up with "Stuffing." Taylie renamed the cat "Princess!" despite mine and Aaron's attempts to suggest other names!
On the way home we bought the cat a pink bed, toys, bowl , kitty litter box and scoop!
She has been the best cat! She loves being held and purrs even if you are just talking to her! Every once in awhile we remind the kids to let her go and be a kitten cause despite loving attention she is a kitten and is FULL of fiesty energy!

Can you sense Taylie's excitement?
Lovin' life as a spoiled kitty!

This picture is cute and shows how small she was when we got her! She has already at least tripled in size

Taking in some R and R!

The kids were in bed and Aaron and I were in the kitchen, when Aaron went in to sit down in the family room on the only chair we had at the time he discovered this and called me in to see!...

It wasn't more than a few days later we ordered a couch!